Photo of Dr. Moore standing in front of a large portrait of a man. Her hands are behind her back, and she wears a black hat and black dress.
Work day, Columbia Museum of Art. 2017

As a “cross-pollinator” in the cultural heritage sector, my work reflects my multilayered engagement with museums, libraries, and other cultural heritage institutions. My writing and research for The Incluseum, where I am a co-director, is used as training and learning material in museums across the country. My work can also be found in several edited volumes and museum publications.

Edited Volumes

Transforming Cultural Heritage Series, University of California Press. Upcoming.

Chapters, Essays, and Articles

“Call and Response: Drowning Out the Master’s Narrative – Ensuring that Black Voices Permeate Cultural Heritage Institutions.” in Ukweli: Searching for Healing Truth – South Carolina writers and poets explore American Racism, edited by Herb Frazier and Horace Mungin. 2022.

Recommended on NPR’s 2022 Book Picks for all 50 States

“A Liberatory Framework: Critical race theory can help museums commit to anti-racism and combat anti-blackness,” in Museum Magazine. 2021.

“From the Ground Up: Grassroots Social Justice Activism in American Museums,” in Museum Activism, edited by Robert R. Janes and Richard Sandell. With Laura-Edythe S. Coleman. 2019.

“Coming Together to Address Systemic Racism in Museums.” In Curator. With Daryl Fischer and Swapura Anila. 2017.

“(Re)Frame: The Case for New Language in the 21st Century Museum.” In Exhibition. With Rose Kinsley and Margaret Middleton. 2016.

“Our Stories, Our Places: Centering the Community as Narrative Voice in the Reinterpretation of an African American Heritage Site,” in Positioning Your Museum as a Critical Community Asset: A Practical Guide, edited by Robert P. Connolly and Elizabeth A. Bollwerk. 2016.

“Future Forward: Towards a Racially Inclusive Museum,” in Museum Education Roundtable. 2016.

“Performing Blackness: Museums, Mammies, and Me,” in Museum 2.0. 2014.

“Cultural Heritage Informatics Leadership Librarians: How An American Library and Information Science Program is Changing the Course of Preservation in the Digital Age,” Given at the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions Conference. 2016.

“An Exploration of Race, Social Media, and Museums,” in Exhibitionist. 2013.

Incluseum Pieces

I am a co-director of The Incluseum, a project that advances new ways of being a museum through critical dialogue, community building and collaborative practice related to inclusion in museums.