Photo of Dr. Moore in front of a wall-sized picture of Ai Wei Wei. The photo is black and white, showing Ai Wei Wei holding his hands to his eyes as if holding them open. In front of the photo, Dr. Moore mimics the pose.
Enjoying a visit to the Hirshorn while working with a client. 2017

“Allowing your filter to be as equitable and knowledgeable as possible, changing the notions of engagement and the role of museums in the community, and creating a synergy between disciplines will be the future of this field.”

― Museums in a Post-Pandemic World

I frequently speak about my work as a scholar-activist exploring ways to view cultural heritage through the lens of Critical Race Theory. Below are a sampling of my podcast appearances, keynote addresses, topic interviews, and museum talks.

Podcast appearances

Imagine Otherwise

“How does cultural heritage provide us with the tools to shape what collective freedom looks, sounds, and feels like?” I talk cultural heritage and collective freedom with Cathy Hannabach, host of Imagine Otherwise, a podcast about bridging art, activism, and academia to build more just futures.

Promotional image of a portrait of Dr. Moore with a long quote partially obscuring her face.

Museum Buzz

“Think you know what diversity means? Think again.” I discuss “the ‘D’ word” with Museum Buzz, a podcast that unpacks buzzwords in the context of museums.

Logo for Museum Buzz. The black title is overtop abstract turquoise brushstrokes. The background is white.

Twisted Preservation

I join Franklin Vagnone for a Water Cooler Chat on museum staff, vision, and missions.

Three small images side-by-side. The first shows a crowded dining room, the second a room of people standing, and the third a crowded hallway.

The Museum Life

Museums and race, transformation and justice. My colleagues and I reflect on a three-day conversation wherein we interrogated the entrenched racism in the museum world.

Logo for The Museum Life. A woman faces the camera with her hand on her chin. Behind her are abstract blue stripes. Overlayed on the image is text reading: "The Museum Life with Carol Bossert."

Museum Archipelago

Host Ian Elsner and I discuss Visitors of Color, a blog I co-founded with nikhil trivedi to document the museum experiences of marginalized people.

Logo for Museum Archipelago. On a blue background is a green outline of the top of a Greek column. The text "Museum Archipelago" is overlayed on top of the column.

Material Memory

I discuss the Gullah Geechee Corridor during Material Memory’s season highlighting people and collections at HBCU libraries.

Material Memory logo, showing a hand print in sandy brown rock.


Museums Have a Docent Problem: Inside the struggle to train a mostly white, unpaid tour guide corps to talk about race.

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UF College of the Arts

Museums in a post-pandemic world: A Q&A about museums in a post-pandemic world, and their role as community and artistic spaces.

Black Futures: Black artists and scholars reclaiming histories and reframing futures through the lens of joy.

A cartoon-style portrait of Dr. Moore. She faces the camera, a simplified figure with dark brown skin in a blue shirt and black hat, with pink hair and gold earrings. The background is green with geometric designs.

American Alliance of Museums

Curators Take Flight: Four curators cast a wide eye on the shifting landscape for curatorial practice

American Alliance of Museums Logo. An abstract design of woven lines to the left of the organization name in green text.

NPR Here and Now

During a year of protests and a pandemic, Black curators are reimagining the future of museums. Topics of conversation: visitors of color, decentering whiteness in museums, and digital engagement.

Here and Now logo. Blue, grey, and yellow-green text overtop a transparent background.

Brown Political Review

“A Museum for Everybody”: an interview on racism, colonialism, and changing expectations within the museum world.

Logo for the Brown Political Review. White text in a black circle, with a white background.

Chicago Tribune

Chicago’s Art Institute fired its volunteer docents and caused a furor heard nationwide. The fight is really about the future of museums.

The Chicago Tribune Logo: A stylized white "CT" above a blue background.

“This is a multifaceted subject being reduced to race, when in fact, it’s about what a museum should be in the 21st century.”


Death to Museums

“It is time for us to, in this moment, be willing to let go of the things that are no longer nourishing.” Returning to a “new normal” means returning internalized systems of exclusion. In this keynote presentation, I reject the narrative of “returning to normal.”

Death to Museums logo. A black and red tombstone with a cracked Greek column in the middle. A flower rests in front of the tombstone.

Harn Museum Nights

In conversation with internationally-known artist Radcliffe Bailey. We discuss his artistic process and specifically the artwork “Returnal,” a part of the Harn Museum’s collection.

Museum Nights Logo. An orange paint-splash background with the text overtop. The bottom of the 'M' in museum turns into a cartoonish upside-down lightbulb.

MCN2014: Ignite

A brief talk for MCN2014 regarding coded language, diversity, community, and trust.

MCN: advancing digital transformation in museums logo. Orange and pink text atop a white background.


An open conversation on themes of segregation, discrimination, and bias at the Philips Museum in conjunction with the exhibition “People on the Move: Beauty and Struggle in Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series.”

A painting of a crowd of Black people dressed colorfully in pink, yellow, green, and blue clothes. They stream in front of and out of doors labeled "Chicago," "New York," and "St. Louis."

Charleston Middle Passage Remembrance

#VirtualSankofa: Honoring our Ancestors who perished during the Middle Passage and showing the presence of the Ancestors in our lives.

The Charleston Middle Passage Remembrance Logo. The upper half is a white background with a black, stylized Sankofa Bird beside the quote: "Spirit of the Dead, rise up and claim your story. - Sankofa Film (1993)." The bottom half of the logo has a black background with the text "Charleston Middle Passage Remembrance."

Museum Scholarship & Material Culture

Iron Sharpens Iron: Tools for the Revolution. A critical dialogue on EAIJ, Museums, and Race.

Flyer for the talk, mostly filled with small text with a picture of Dr. Moore, a Black woman wearing a broad-brimmed brown hat, striped black and white earrings, a black turtleneck, and a large white and black necklace. The upper half of her face is in shadow.

UF Center for Arts, Migration, and Entrepreneur-ship

Keynote speaker for the first CAME conference: African Entrepreneurship, The Arts and Beyond. Benin Bronzes, Restitution, the Arts, and Africa’s museum landscape.

Poster for the first CAME conference. Red and purple text beside an image of a Black woman with white spots painted on her face. She wears a tall headscarf made of abstract triangles, some of which have photographs inside them, creating a collage-like effect.

USC Baker Diversity Lecture

I discuss the power of cultural heritage institutions such as libraries, archives, and museums to empower communities to facilitate change. This talk examines the role of race in interrogating the structure of museums in the 21st century.

Portrait of Dr. Moore. She faces the camera against a white background, wearing a brown hat, black-and-white striped earrings and necklace, and a black turtleneck shirt.

CMA Art Break

I was the consulting curator for Spoken: African American Art in the Collection at the Columbia Museum of Art. In this talk, I discuss how the exhibited artists give voice to their own definitions of self and to how they choose to express blackness.

The Columbia Museum of Art logo. Black text atop a white background.

On Being a Citizen

In conversation with Dr. Tonya M. Matthews and Zaire McPhearson on how museums can shape access for American citizens to the educational benefits of public discourse. We explore issues of identity, public educational access, and awareness of local, national, international, and African diasporic cultural resources.

IP Stanback Museum and Planetarium logo. Black text atop a white background, with abstract geometric shapes beneath.

AIC and SPNHC 2021

Confronting our Biases to Transform Conservation: a session at the AIC and SPNHC 2021 Joint Meeting.

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Museums As Progress

Campfire: Dr. Porchia Moore on Cartography for Racial Equity and Inclusion in Museums

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Conference Keynotes

I have been honored to give keynotes at several conferences, including the Keynote at the 2017 Hagan Lecture Series at the National Museum of American History, the Closing Plenary Keynote at the 2019 Visitor Services Conference, the Keynote Address at the 2019 International Museum Theater Alliance Conference, and the Big Ideas Keynote at the 2021 Museum Computer Network Conference.

Photo of Dr. Moore leaning on a podium on a stage in front of a screen.